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Gaurdian Angel

Gaurdian Angel is Designed as a Neck to Knee Back Piece Done in Black and Grey. (Color is also an Available Option)

Oni & Snake

Oni and Snake is designed to fit the areas of the Arm, Thigh, Back, Torso & Calf

Demon God

Demon God is designed to work as a Full Sleeve or a Partial Leg Tattoo


Valkyrie is Designed to Display best as an Arm Tattoo, Various places on the leg, Back and torso

Bone Druid

Bone Druid is Designed to display as a Full Sleeve, Rib, Thigh or Leg Tattoo


Anubis is Designed as a Full Sleeve Design. Also Displays well as a thigh tattoo


Reaper is designed to fit as a Sleeve, Back or Torso piece

Reaper Bunny

Reaper Bunny is designed to Display best as a Thigh tattoo, Partial arm tattoo, Calf tattoo or Rib tattoo

King Snake

King snake is designed to display best as a Rib, Torso, Thigh or Back piece


Kali is designed to Display best as a Full leg Sleeve

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