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All Designs you see here are available to be Tattoo As soon As you Ready to get them. Designs are will not be altered unless stated otherwise. Once a Design has been claimed it will be removed as i do not replicate original artwork. That being said evrything is first come first serve. Designs listed in the Small works section can usually be accomplished on most parts of the body and are designed to be completed in 2 to 3 full days or 3 to 4 half day sessions. ( this varries and could be less i would just like to prepare you for the most amount of time they could take). Designs listed in Large works are meant to be accomplished as multi-session pieces over a few months( maybe longer depending on session size). Consultations are required for sizing and any changes agreed upon if here are permitted. All Designs required a deposit to claim. This sections will be updated frequently as i am always producing new artwork and designs for tattoos... Enjoy 


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Large Works

samurai frog ghost

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Small Works

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