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and how it works

So you want a cool tattoo. You have been saving your money and looking around for just the right person. And now your here. Well thank you, but there are a few things you should know before we get started.

Every Tattoo begins with a consultation. Consultations are free. Think of it like cooperative brainstorming. During the consultation we will discuss your ideas, placement, and overall vision for the tattoo. I will use my knowledge to help you visualize something that we can form into a cool tattoo. 

Tattooing is a team sport. I think that the best tattoos are created when both the artist and the client are clear about what they want and expect from the tattoo. Honesty paints a clearer picture than kind words.

Please maintain good hygiene on days of your Tattoo session (Shower,  deodorize etc.) We will be spending a decent amount of time in each others personal space.

All appointments are to be secured with a deposit. This serves as a commitment to the design and is nonrefundable once drawing for the design has begun.

No designs will be started until a deposit has been received. The deposit will be deducted from the final session of your tattoo.

I require Clients seeking larger multi-session tattoos to book several appointments at once. 

Cancellations and Reschedules must be made 48 hours in advance or deposits are forfeit

Hourly Rate is 200$

Half day session is 3 Hours(600)

Whole day sessions is 5 Hours(1000)

I look forward to working with you

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